Government school insanity

Posted: September 13, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I’m so glad I graduated years ago. I do not think I could tolerate the idiocy in government schools today. Sampson Co (in NC) schools are next to get hit with the stupid bat. What country do we live in? Why do we continue to bend over and take one up the rear in the name of diversity and ‘we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings’? Shesh

Gee ya think?

This is REEEEEAAALLYY interesting. That much ballyhooed Zogby poll may not be reliable. That little bit of info will not get any media attention. I may take this time to mention that the founder of Zogby International is John Zogby, also the founder and president of the Arab American Institute (note Arab is listed first in the name) and co-founder and Executive Director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He’s also co-founded Save Lebanon, Inc., an organization which funds health care for Paleosimians. I don’t think I need to say more here.

The internet tax

If you think this can’t happen, remember who is controlling Congress right now. There has never been a more rabid tax and spend group of politicians in control and this is something they’d just LOVE to get their mits on–a tax on internet use. Imagine the revenue. The reason it hasn’t been taxed up to this point is it was argued that taxing the infant technology would stifle it’s growth. But now that everyone and their dog has access, that argument can’t be used. The proposed amount would be about 20 to 25%. Think about your internet use and factor in that. How’s an extra $150 out of your pocket sound? What it will do is exactly what taxes do—suck the life out of investment by companies to expand broadband. They will not invest in any infrastructure as long as they think taxing consumers will lead to a decrease in internet use. Think what this means to companies that are internet-based businesses. You start limiting your time–not surfing the web much or making purchases. Scary. But that’s what may happen if Congress doesn’t act to extend the moratorium on internet taxes. Two bills currently collecting dust S. 156 and H.R. 743 may run out of time and then state and local governments will be free to pounce on your internet usage. They are salivating at the prospect.


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