This is just bloody perfect

Posted: September 13, 2007 in Uncategorized
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NJ police = Keystone Kops. I love cops. I have a high degree of respect for them. Most of them. The ones that abuse their badges are scum. Cops are our first line of defense in the war against islamotard terrorists. This time however, the cops screwed up. They pull a guy of middle eastern origin taking pictures of a bridge and don’t check the terrorist list before letting him go. Is it because they were afraid of being accused of profiling? SHIT SHIT SHIT So what happns now?

West Virginia Morons

I understand this is a beautiful state. Folks I’ve met from there are just as nice as anyone could be. The story about the six morons torturing the woman is sickening. I’ve seen some of the details. If it’s true, I hope they lock these scumbags up. It should be noted that this wasn’t a random crime. The woman had a relationship with one of the guys and this sounds like revenge…NOT a hate crime. I have to admit though, after the Duke story of last year coupled with the horrific details I’m a bit skeptical. This is the legacy of Crystal Gail Mangum. Women that are raped will have a tougher time now. Bitch.

Globull Whoring news

I should send a friendly email to Scott Maxwell at the Orlando Slantinel with this attached. Someone quick…call the WWAAAMMMbulance….

I gotta go to bed…..that is all


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