Did I say before I was sick of the Maddie coverage?

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I am. Really. I do think the parents did it. One of them at least and the other is covering to protect what’s left of the family. New details emerged that have really swayed me. OH…and by the way…screw the innocent until proven guilty thing. I’m free to think what I want. Anyway—the parents claimed on the night she went missing that they and their friends checked on her every 15 minutes. But they didn’t peek in on them. They just went to the door and ‘listened’. Yeah…that’ll do it. So it doesn’t look like anyone put eyeballs on her for a period of time. It’s also come to light that at this four star resort they have on staff babysitters the parents could have used—but didn’t. Allegedly there were witnesses who claimed the night before they heard Maddie crying for her parents and there was some information that they had given her a sedative. If those ‘friends’ didn’t lay eyes on her that night–she was probably already gone. It kinda sounds like Maddie was whining and interfering with the vaca–someone lost it–and maybe they shook her to death, maybe they gave her too much of that sedative. They are both in the medical profession so there’s that too. And I’m not sure how the parents acted early on because I wasn’t following the story then, but one former judge/prosecutor here in the states indicated their behavior immediately after the cry was raised is not in line with what is the norm for those situations. I know some may ask what is the norm but those that have been involved in child abductions will tell you there are certain things not guilty parents do and guilty ones don’t do. Yes…that is behavioral profiling. Remember the Susan Smith case in SC over 10 years ago? The first time I saw her interviewed on TV in the first hours after the children were reported missing that little voice told me something was wrong—she didn’t ‘act right’. We’ll see. But for now I’m tired of hearing about this pathetic case.

What the heck is this about

So Michele Obama says her husband Hussein Obama doesn’t have to be right all the time like Bush. If he gets elected president he will have to be and believe me there will be plenty of criticism. She’s an idiot like her hubby. Only reason the media is fawning all over them is because of their race. With his Senate record, if he were any other race, he would have been written off long ago. He is a great big zero with a lot of fancy talk and the media’s love affair with him is sickening. Which brings me to

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson has hardly been in the race a solid week and already the character assassinations have begun. What did you expect. I’m kinda excited about him but want to see how it goes a bit longer. I think it’s foolish all these bumper stickers for various candidates right now. What’s the hurry?

The silky pony’s mouthpiece

What do you do when you’re a candidate that has to placate and pander to the loony left yet want to have a foot toward the middle? You could be like Hitlery and be very careful about what you vote on and then what you say on your campaign—hoping no one outside of the group listening will pay much attention. Or you could be John Edwards who lets his cancer stricken wife spout off. Her illness means she’ll be immune to much criticism. Don’t think for one moment her little outspoken diatribes aren’t carefully orchestrated by his campaign.

Can I have some OJ?



Finally the islamogoons are targeting those that have done more to hurt western culture. Not that I want anything to happen to these people but let’s get real. The glitterati have long been rooting for the Religion of Piss adherents against the US. One day these idiots are going to see it has nothing to do with ‘American Imperialism/Arrogance/Bushchimphitler. This is a religious battle. It doesn’t matter what religion either. If you aren’t muslim to these assholes, you are dead.

Dang…I’m getting some goofy message I need to reboot….sooooooooooooooo

That is all.


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