Are liberals smarter than conservatives?

Posted: September 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
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That’s the findings of a study (again). But not so fast. This is an excellent piece that takes the study apart. I take issue with the idea that liberals “liberals tended to be more sensitive and responsive to information that might conflict with their habitual way of thinking.” I think we have daily proof that this is not the case. Take Globull Whoring. Liberals are sensitive to be sure—but only when their ideas or long held beliefs are challenged with something called FACTS. Anyone that has a differening opinion that GW is not man made better look out. They will be attacked and smeared by libtards everywhere. That’s just one example. Look at the preemptive strike against General Petaeus. They have this deeply ingrained belief that Iraq is not part of the war on terror, we shouldn’t be there (who’s isolationist now?), Bush lied…ad nauseum. So without waiting for the report, they immediately went on the offensive with a cut rate, full page ad in the NYSlimes on a big circulation day attacking the general. So let’s go back to that statement but one of the study’s authors–especially the last part. “…..and responsive to information that might conflict with their habitual way of thinking.” The implication of the study is that liberals are able to take information that is conflicting and make adjustments that would enable them to survive. Their actions seem to prove the opposite in the real world. They cannot take newer information and adjust to it. They take newer information and if it doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas then it and the messenger must be slapped. This is not behavior that helps someone to deal with the real world. Liberals are just as likely to hold on to habitual ways of thinking as any other group, even when evidence or facts prove otherwise. At least where this study’s findings are concerned.

Why is this asshole allowed in the US

Can’t we keep him out?

Another goblin is TU

One less oxygen thief.

OK…time to hit a lick

That is all.


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