Bloody hell

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

If you don’t think there is a war against western society being waged by the religion of piss adherents, check this out. They are infiltrating, with the help of liberal retards everywhere, major facets of our society and I firmly believe it is with the ultimate goal of bringing the west down to their barbaric, dark ages ways. You have the leaders of CAIR saying they wouldn’t mind seeing the US under sharia law, you have pockets of islamotards in Britain with their own legal system operating outside of the British courts no problem, demands in other countries like Sweden that they conform to islamotard notions of morality, the list goes on. It truly is scary what the future holds if these dumbasses in our government and media don’t wake up. It’s not about Bush or women working outside the home, it’s a war against every bloody thing we believe in.


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