Dang, didn’t know I was gone so long

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
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geez…it’s been busy, give me a break. Car died, painting, going on a restrictive diet, etc. I’m not even going to mention how many emails I have that I haven’t even opened but I’ll get aroundtoit. Lots of things going on though in the real world so I’ve still been paying attention.

Imanutjob spoke at Columbia U this week. I was appalled that they would invite him but now I’m glad. So many witnesses to this evil man’s thoughts now. Let him speak in a forum that cannot be filtered by his friends in the MSM and more people will see him for the deranged, Jew-hating, Nazi sympathizer he is. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh…here’s a big surprise. But I thought Jimmy Carter said this guy was A OK. Liberals the world over think he’s just peachy too. Bush is the real despot. Don’t forget that.

Here is an interesting story from last week. Why does anyone wonder what these islamofascists are up to? On a related note, there was some chatter this week about that Israeli airstrike in Syria and what it was about. Seems there was information that a N. Korean ship had docked and offloaded something they didn’t have (according to the UN) in Syria (which was never supposed to have it either). But Jimmy Carter says they are A OK and no threat to us.

Jena 6

This story is going quietly away. After all the race baiters whipped up the minions to march the facts started coming to light and they just went home. Good. Finally some sanity. Here’s the best piece on the whole mess. Were mistakes made in how the case was handled? Hell yeah. What’s important is the way it was portrayed by Jesse and Al was not true. I’m still asking the question though as to why when a group of whites or even one jumps on a black, it’s not just an assault but a hate crime. When the reverse is true, as in Jena and in Norfolk this week, it’s nothing but a schoolyard fight. So move along folks, nothing to see here.

The selloff of the US continues.

If you haven’t heard of LOST your aren’t paying attention. The current DemCong is seriously thinking about ratifying this thing. See my post on for a better idea of how bad this thing will be for the US. And BTW…a poll last week (not that I put that much faith in polls but this was too good to pass up) showed the current approval rating of Congress to be somewhere around 11%. Keep digging assholes. OH…notice how you have to read down a bit to see that figure.
In other news, dhimmicrats are still trying to push amnesty throught the DREAM act. I’m just hoping whatever damage these assmonkeys do can be undone by the next group of politicians to get elected. Are you listening Republicans? You better be taking notes.

Blackwater & Abu Ghraib?

It had to happen. Some toejam reporter had to link the two. Liberals have to have kind of Tourette’s. They are always yelling things like ‘Nazi’ ‘Abu Ghraib’ ‘fascist’ ‘Bush lied, people died’….. Whenever something comes up that’s the cry. Everytime.

Time to get breakfast.

That is all.


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