Health Insurance

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Geez….Hillary thinks everyone should have insurance and no one should pay—the government is going to take care of this annoying little detail in our lives. That’s the liberal answer to everything. Globull Whoring? Government can take care of that. Education. Government. Wages. Government. Problem is government has to pay for it somehow and that’s through taxes. So ultimately someone is going to pay. Well as long as it’s not me that’s OK right? Wrong. Hitlery’s (and other candidates) soak the rich (of which she is one but that doesn’t count) will end up hurting us all. A former boss of mine was talking about this very subject six years ago and the question he asked is when was the last time a poor man gave anyone a job. It’s true if you think about it. Only those that are motivated to start and build a business will have jobs for people. Another guy I knew a long time ago said you will never get anywhere working for someone else. Well I guess some people need to work for others but I got his point. You will always stay at a certain level if you work for someone else. You might advance and get a higher salary but it will still be on their terms as it should be. Because that person has a job with certain criteria and if you meet that criteria and agree on a salary, what you and the employer think is fair for that job, OK. If you strike out on your own you will probably be working horrendous hours but it’s your choice. If everything works out you will have to expand—hire more people. You’ve bought or leased equipment which keeps those industries going. You take some of the profit and diversify in to other fields and the cycle begins again. That’s how it goes. It’s your baby and you’ll get out of it what you put in to it. But NO ONE does this with the intention of not one day being able to live comfortably, perhaps even be considered rich. Which brings me back to the soak the rich philosophy of liberals. If you punish companies with insane taxes (which are passed on to consumers anyway) and force them to pay a certain wage AND provide health care then employers have to cut costs. They don’t expand or buy new equipment. Maybe their products are now priced out of the market due to taxes and they go out of business. See how it’s all related? What is a ‘living wage’ anyway? Is it $10 or $20 an hour? Who decides? Should someone working in Burger King be paid that much an hour? OK…threw a switch and went off on another rail but again it’s related. Anyhoo…read this. It says it so much better than I. ***By the way, you did realize that most wealthy people today were not born in to it, but are self-made. Think on that next time someone throws out some punitive tax on companies to ‘make them pay’. They already have.

  1. Dyanne says:

    Interesting to know.

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