Oh please

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Uncategorized
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What’s the flap about anything Rush Limbaugh says? He hosts an opinion talk radio program. It’s his OPINION libtards. What about free speech? If fucking Moron.org can take out a reduced rate full page add impugning the credibility of a highly decorated soldier, then Limbaugh can just about say what he damn well pleases. As usual, the screwball surrender monkeys in Congress are calling for his head because what one man says, especially if he’s a conservative, are WAAAYYY worse than anything a George Soros-funded organization can say or do. Right? It’s the height of hypocrisy for the dhimmicrats to worry about our troops anyway when they daily are doing their damnedest to screw them. They only defend the troops when it’s politically expedient. Just a bunch of fucking bastards.

***Update*** Well, this gets really interesting. Rush did not say ANY soldier that denounces the war is a phony, he actually was referring to an anti-war activist who WAS passing himself off as a soldier (an Army Ranger and Purple Heart recipient to boot—thanks John Kerry) to get attention. Holy Bloody Cow! The damn brain dead journalpisses can’t even get that much right. Once again, liberal bias, sloppy reporting, or just plain stupidity rule the day with the media.


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