Posted: October 2, 2007 in Uncategorized
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This interesting story popped up on the newswire yesterday. Basically a company in Florida is not going to hire people who smoke. Bravo. Of course the stupid cow that didn’t get the job is whining about discrimination. Shows you how clueless these fucktards are. Think about it. Where is the discrimination? It’s not about something you can’t change or help like race, sex, and all that. It’s about a distructive behavior that not only affects you but those around you. Nicotine is a drug. It may not impair you the way other legal drugs do but there are many negatives that will affect the abuser and the business. So if the business decides this is going to be part of their criteria for hiring, so be it. Go job hunting somewhere else. Lookit… an employer, smoking is bad in several ways. Smokers are more likely to be out due to illness. Later on their illnesses become more chronic leading to additional sick time. People demand that business offer health insurance as a benefit so insurance companies figure that X% of people are going to smoke and the cost to the company is higher as a result. Companies that do what DME is may actually see those costs lowered if they have that policy in place. Good all around for the business. Which brings me to us non-smokers. I remember plugging away at my desk while the smokers around me took breaks every hour lasting anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. That’s more lost productivity and they want to say it’s a right? Screw that. I mean these dipshits would call each other up to go downstairs to the smoking area….whole herds of them. But us non-smokers would take our lunch/bathroom breaks and that’s it. How many hours per week do businesses lose because of smokers taking these breaks during the day. In an eight hour shift, if a smoker takes a 15 minute smoke break every hour, that figures out to 2 hours every day. Hell, by the time they take bathroom and lunch, an employer would be lucky to get 5 good hours of work out of them. That’s just plain bullshit. The ACLU released a statement basically saying there was nothing they could do ‘to protect smokers’ but that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Oh…and did I mention she was overweight too?


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