Free Speech

Posted: October 3, 2007 in Uncategorized
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You know what? I’m tired of liberal attacks on free speech. SanFran is at it again. Take a good look at what Savage has said and tell me that it wouldn’t be considered free speech. Can anyone prove that his words have lead to attacks on mooselimbs? Can anyone say that anything he’s said has lead to any type of incitement? NOOOOOOOOOO Fact is, Jews are victims more often than any other ethnic/religious group. But this fucking idiot Sandoval wants to shut Savage up. If these assholes get their way, it’ll be just another chip away at opposing opinions. Savage hosts an opinion show on the radio. It’s his opinion. Get over it asswipe. Liberals HATE talk radio almost as much as they hate George W. Bush and any blip by a person that doesn’t pander to lawbreakers, parasites, or race warlords is fair game. Screw Sandoval and his minions. One thing those twerps need to understand is most people are not like libtards. We think before we act. We don’t operate on emotion solely. Low IQ dickhead liberals are the ones that riot in the streets when they don’t get their way. Insult conservatives or Christians and we just snicker at your stupidity and go to work. Insult mooselimbs, lawbreaking hispanics, gangsta black kids and holy shiite all hell breaks loose. Bunch of loud mouthed, no brain, knuckle dragging bottom feeders.


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