Not sure how I really feel about this. I mean, on the one hand I understand we are a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian values and the way the Constitution has been interpreted is wrong with regard to religion. On the other, I have no desire to force any part of my beliefs on others. Unlike islamotards, Christians may talk to you about Christianity but the bottom line is if someone converts it’s because that’s what they feel in their heart.
I do have to wonder where this is all going to lead. This crap started in schools years ago. Now those kids are adults it’s becoming more and more common to see them enacting rules that follow their early indoctrination into a God-free society. I think the natural consequence will be down the road, Islamotards will have a much easier time forcing that religion of piss on us because people will eventually clammer for something higher to believe in and a violent religion will be the natural replacement for one that preached tolerance and diversity. Scary stuff.

Speaking of Muslims

I’m going to actually play nice here. Met a young woman yesterday who was muslim. She was as sweet as could be. She saw me knitting and wanted to learn how. I gave her my number and said I’d be glad to help. So ya see…I don’t have a problem with the individuals per se….just wish they’d speak out about these violent bastards that want to kill everyone. I’m hoping to learn something here myself. Maybe she’ll shed some light as to why they don’t. Maybe.

I feel better now

Proving once again that he is the High Poobah of Idiocy, Jimmah Cahtah announces everything’s OK in Sudan. Move along, nothing to see here.

Miller Brewing Co.

This is just sick. And it illustrates why gays in this country continue to have problems with straights. You see, this is the bottom line: WE don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home. You wanna ream someone’s cornhole, big shit. What WE detest is this in your face crap. WE, the majority and straight, don’t want to see you running around nekkid, engaging in sex acts, and in general making a disgusting nuisance of yourselves. I can further promise to never drink any Miller product again. I applaud the Catholic League for distributing these photos. Is it a bit of extortion? No…this was all done in plain view and they are just spreading it around.

Nobel Piss Prize

I hope he gets it. Really I do. It’ll be the yearly affirmation of just how useless and irrelevant this ‘prize’ is.

This is bullshit

Sorry to burst the bubble here but this is a load of crap. Inclusion must be the new word for mainstreaming. Education wonks come up with new ways to dress failed ideas all the time and this is no different. What they’re still doing is putting special ed kids in regular classrooms. Why the fuck have them diagnosed, labeled (oops we don’t label I forgot), or whatever in the first place? Seriously, I taught in special ed (oops, not supposed to call it that…it’s exceptional children or whatever fucking whitewash they want to put on it now) for over 4 years until I’d had enough of the BS. What happens to those that don’t know is they put a kid from SE in to regular classrooms–allegedly so they’ll not only be treated like the others but learn at a higher rate. Problem is…you can’t take a kid with a 60 IQ and put them in with regular kids and THINK it’s not going to hurt the regular kids. If a teacher has to slow down one iota for extra assistance, who does that hurt? Hell…why stop there…why not put these kids in with the accelerated kids? Yeah…that would be even better. It won’t happen though because those parents would raise holy hell. So the poor regs get stuck with the behavioral problems, lower functioning, or all of the above kids. I would NEVER put my kid in a public school.

OK…I have too much to do today to yammer on about insipid things… least right now.

That is all.


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