John Mellencamp

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

What is it about these morons that jump on a bandwagon without having the minutest grasp of the facts in a case? I used to respect Mellencamp…no more. He’s been out of the real world and surrounded by like-minded libtards too long and has lost all perspective. More here. The mayor is right on with his indignation.

  1. jm_scarecrow says:

    In John’s own words:

    “I am not a journalist, I am a songwriter and in the spirit and tradition of
    the minstrel, I am telling a story in this song.

    The story is not, strictly speaking, about the town of Jena or this specific
    incident but of racism in America.

    The song was not written as an indictment of the people of Jena but, rather,
    as a condemnation of racism, a problem which I’ve reflected in many songs, a
    problem that still plagues our country today.

    The current trial in Jena is just another reflection of prejudice in our
    nation. If the song strikes an emotional chord with people and if they
    examine it and interpret as they will, something will have been
    accomplished. The aim here is not to antagonize but, rather, to catalyze

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