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I normally don’t favor civil lawsuits. This time I do. If there were ever a case where someone was fired for emotion rather than facts, this is it. I hope he and the players prevail. I just wish they’d list Jesse and Al as codefendants.

Much ado about nothing or more dhimmicrat arrogance?

I’m not sure what’s going on here. It could be that these people were simply trying to go to areas where large numbers of people were gathering and check out the preparedness of those areas to attacks. That would mean they would probably have to go to clinics and such where they may come in to contact with various communicable diseases. But wouldn’t people tasked with these kinds of inspection tours already have their shots for hepatitus, TB and the like? Why were the NASCAR events singled out other than more people got to them at one time than any other major sport even? It probably was meant as a bit of a slap. My experience has taught me there are many from big cities and especially government wankers that have very upturned noses when it comes to the South.

Just ridiculous

The governor of KKKalifornia has banned the words ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ from classrooms because it may be offensive to gays. I weep for this country.

The UKs Guardian newsrag

Why do liberals constantly quote one source to verify their ideals? I mean there is a whole world of info out there about things yet they persist in citing one source, and it’s usually a source that’s well documented for it’s bias, to ‘prove’ their point. Take this for example:

Sorry to post as a guest but there is a very interesting political comment to day in The Guardian (UK) on the Nobel price decision. First of all it shows very clearly why he deserved it (and of cource the IPCC as well) but it also starts to look into the consequences of the price. Will the proce make it more likely he will run, would he ever have as big an impact again (as a teacher and opinion former) if he would and more like that. Very worthwhile to read!
So let’s see what the Guardian had to say about the Goreacle (and I’m going to assume this is the article because the troll didn’t link it in her post…moron:

Let’s start with the title:
Al Gore wins – and this time, no one can take it away from him Ok so far—it’s an award and why or how could it be taken away? Pretty idiotic statement.

This is one prize the supreme court won’t be able to take away from him. The five votes of a committee in Oslo yesterday awarded Al Gore the world’s most exalted award, the Nobel peace prize, finally putting to rest the votes of the five judges who stripped him of Florida in 2000 and kept him from the White House. This opening paragraph tells me more about what’s to follow than anything else. It really demonstrates how clueless or just plain stupid the left is at a little thing called the rule of law. Neither the Florida Supreme nor the US Supreme Court stripped Gore of the election in 2000. They were applying the law as it was already on the books for election results. Don’t like the law? Then get the legislature to change it. But don’t demand that a high court change law because you disagree with procedure that has been in place for decades probably and doesn’t discriminate in any way. In a nutshell here’s what happened: dhimmicrats only wanted recounts in a few counties…counties with heavy dhimmicrat populations. They did not want recounts in other counties with Republican majorities. They did not want military absentee ballots counted (and many were thrown out). They could not agree from one county or polling area to another what counted as a valid vote—the whole chad issue. The Supremes basically said if you are going to have a recount, recount everyone and it has to be done by so many days after an election as laid down by the legislature. Given all the problems with chads, the obvious attempt to discount votes that may have been conservative and the confusion that ensued with no resolution in sight, it’s not surprising that the courts went back to the books for their ruling. If anyone really read the Supreme Court decision, it would be pretty obvious that Gore was the one trying to steal the election with his legal shenanigans. Oh…and don’t forget…study after study has concluded no one was denied voting that was legally entitled to vote. ***notice I didn’t say right to vote***
After much wrangling through the courts, the Supremes put an end to the nonsense and applied the statutory requirements as they existed at the time. All of this could have been avoided if Al Bore had carried his home state but that’s another issue. Stupids….let’s move on.

“The climate crisis is not a political issue – it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity.” This is a quote for Bore. Notice the change in terminology from global warming to climate crisis. With the added bonus of making it a religious issue. Nice. Many pundits on the right have been saying for months that this whole bullshit thing has become a church unto itself. The Bore has put his stamp of approval on that notion. Scary stuff mixing religion with a bullshit political cause. And it is bullshit because there is NO identifiable anthropogenic cause for the rise in the Earth’s temperatures. NONE. There’s assertions, conjectures, beliefs and such…but nothing definable. Anyone that believes this nonsense has to deny millions of years of data showing warming and cooling periods, they have to deny that temperatures sensors on Mars show it’s warmer too and so on.

The rest of the article is fawning flotsam and jetsam so I won’t BORE you. It mentions the Draft Gore movement and lists various pundits that have said Bore won’t run and the reasons why. I can think of a few. If Bore did run, he might have to debate his Globull Worming ideas and he’s refused to do that already. If he did run, he would no longer be the darling of the left, the guy that had an election stolen from him. He then becomes a candidate that would be veted. He can’t allow that. From his vantage point, he’s sitting pretty. He’s still able to maintin his lucrative lifestyle (As a man with stakeholdings in both Google and Apple and a reputed $100m fortune…..), say pretty much what he wants with impunity, and is lauded with awards and accolades from libtards the world over. Think of what he would give up. No…Bore won’t run. And that makes me kinda sad.

Ok…of to start my day

That is all.

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