Let’s talk SCHIP

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I was nosing around on a liberal message board and there seems to be quite a bit of chatter over Bush’s veto of the latest SCHIP. In particular I’ve seen some mentions about the VRWC swiftboating a 12 year old boy to which I said WWHAAATT? and went in search of information. I read the news most every day and I haven’t heard a darn thing about a 12 year old boy in relation to SCHIP so what’s up?

First I read Paul Krugman’s column here. If you read that then you’ll believe that the Frost’s should fall under the guidelines of SCHIP. But wait….Krugman mentions that Michele Malkin and others investigated the Frosts and they believe there were very good reasons why this family didn’t qualify. He disagrees with that but offers no real rebuttal so I wandered over to Malkin’s site here and read what she had to say. Not quite the same scenario Mr. Krugman paints now is it? So who is right? Well given that I’ve seen Paul Krugmans name in the past and his op ed is just to simplistic, I’d have to go with Michele.

SCHIP in a nutshell…kinda

I read an interesting article the other day written by one who should know all about SCHIP and what it was initially meant to do. SCHIP was first passed by a Republican congress in 1997. It’s intent was to cover the insurance needs of children whose families were not covered under Medicaid or an employer offered health insurance plan. You know what I mean….those folks that work, may be self employed and don’t have insurance but Medicaid won’t cover them either because they make too much money. What the dhimmicrat plan wanted to do was expand the coverage to include adults and some children already covered under private insurance—all at a price tag double the current program ($35 B for the expansion alone). In some cases families with a total income of $83,000 would be eligible. SCHIP has been touted as merely ‘for the children’ so you can see why the libtard press has been successful at branding anyone who opposed this beast a child hater. The truth as usual is not so simple and gets completely run over in the press.

Paying for the expansion

So next thing, how would this all have been paid for ? Easy…what do dhimmicrats always propose. Raise taxes. This time it was on tobacco. Those evil tobacco companies would have to put a .61 tax on each pack of cigarettes. The fall out from that would be the same as it’s always been…tobacco use drops with raised taxes. SOOOOOOOOOO what would happen when the tax revenues fall short for the program? I’m sure they’ll find something else to tax. Then there’s this…according to the Congressional Budget Office, the dhimmicrats hid about $40B in additional costs to this expansion which translates in to another tax increase to pay for it in a few more years.

The rules

There’s more to this too. There is a rule in place that requires states to enroll 95% of eligible children in SCHIP before adding any adults. The dhimmicrat plan does away with this. Furthermore, regulations regarding identification are also relaxed which opens the door for legal and illegal immigrants. A dhimmicrat wet dream.

But what are the Republicans offering in it’s place?

This is where the media goes blind for some reason and I can’t figure out why. Maintain the same requirements and increase funding 33% to allow for increases in population. That’s $8 billion dollars folks. The Republicans also would have prevented families from dropping their insurance so they can jump on to this bandwagon and get a free ride.

Socialized medicine

So let me get this straight. The dhimmicrats were for a massive expansion of a program that included billions of dollars in hidden costs to be financed by raising taxes on a commodity that would hit the poor and working class the hardest and would result in an additional tax burden to be levied in the future on the rest of us. If that isn’t a back door way to universal health care then I don’t know what is.

As for Graeme Frost and his family….what happened to them was truly tragic but they sound like some pretty irresponsible people that have been used by leftards to further their agenda. Taking advantage of someone’s accident for political demagogery is pretty standard operating procedure for liberals. But that doesn’t make it any less reprehensible. In fact…I’d say it’s downright evil.


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