Cynthia Tucker nonsense

Posted: October 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I’ve written about this penultimate libtard in the past. Here she takes aim at big business and their role in the ‘undocumented immigrants’ amnesty bills. I especially like this quote The dirty little secret is this: Several important sectors of the economy depend heavily on low-wage workers, many of whom are in the United States illegally. At least she admits they are here illegally. But it’s the first part that I have a problem with. It may be true some big businesses, as the left likes to call them, have a motivation for keeping the lawbreaking scum here, but it’s not true that they depend THAT heavily on illegals. For that bit of info I relied on this data from NPR (not exactly a conservative group either)
— Illegal immigrants can be found working in many sectors of the U.S. economy. About 3 percent work in agriculture; 33 percent have jobs in service industries; and substantial numbers can be found in construction and related occupations (16 percent) and in production, installation and repair (17 percent).

Reread that. 3% in agriculture? The largest percentage in the service industries which still means 66% are legal citizens?

I pretty much stopped reading after about the third paragraph anyway. Her columns are a waste of newsprint and I don’t want to get my BP up right now.

Another reason my kids will NEVER go to public school

Diversity. UGH I really hate the word. It’s all BS anyway. I had to endure countless unproductive training sessions at my former employer for this ridiculous, bullshit movement. Once again, rational business people everywhere are being forced to pony up the money so some ‘diversity’ scam artists can ‘train’ their employess in ‘diversity awareness’. There is NO evidence that diversity of races, ethnic groups, or gender plays any significant role in the improvement or productivitiy of a company. Companies the world over are having to bow down to the purveyors of this scam or risk lawsuits and unwanted publicity that would claim they don’t believe in diveristy. Horsefuckingshit. Now…if we’re talking diversity of skills that’s something altogether different. That’s what businesses should be going after. Folks with skill sets that will help the business grow which means the employees will benefit. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we got to make sure we are diverse in every way except that which is really important.

THIS is socialized health care

THIS is what dhimmicrats want us all to have. Let me put this in a nutshell. When you have a socialized health system, you essentially take away the prospect of profit and no one, especially doctors with all the years of school and training they have to go through, will put themselves through that kind of hell. So what happens is you start having shortages of doctors in all fields and services get doled out more sparingly. That’s what’s happened in Canada which has the single pay system. Long waits for every kind of test imaginable. Even ones that are clearly warranted that may save a life. They only way around it is if you have the money somehow you go somewhere else and pay out of pocket. Ask Canadians who’ve had to dig in to their life savings to cross the border for CAT scans to diagnose life threatening conditions and then pay to have the surgery. What we’re starting to see in Britain is rationing of services. You can not get services any sooner unless you are wealthy. Some doctor a few weeks ago was saying that fat people should not be treated for problems brought on by their obesity. I guess because they did it to themselves and those precious resources could be better spent on someone that is within a normal weight but has an issue. How’s that ? Talk about discrimination but that’s the road libtards want us to go.
You have to remember one very important thing….with socialism…we all will be equally poor and health care will be equally shoddy. But it’s for the common good right Hitlery?


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