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Posted: October 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I love this guy. I’ve talked about him before. He’s the go to guy whenever hurricanes are discussed. He’s made it his life’s work studying climatology. He says Al Bore is full of shit. This time his comments will go nowhere. But he’s right. More here. To further show how tied this is to money, the reason he says more scientists don’t speak out is they won’t get money for grants. The assholes that hold the purse strings are all tied up in the hysteria and they are cluefucked as to what is going on in the environment. “”It bothers me that my fellow scientists are not speaking out against something they know is wrong,” he said. “But they also know that they’d never get any grants if they spoke out. I don’t care about grants.” Unbelievable.

Flight 800

As conspiracy theories go, this one is still around. Some books have even been written putting forth various ideas as to how the plane when down. The official government report was that the right inner engine spontaneously exploded. We may never know but an unedited video shot by an anti-terrorism crew that was flying in the area seems to corroborate som eyewitness testimony that a missile of some sort was launced at the plane. Whenever something happens people come out of the woodwork with theories—take the Truthers and 9/11 for instance. This is different though. With the WTC buildings on 9/11 you have all the witness accounts and what the Truthers propose is just too idiotic to contemplate. Flight 800 was over the ocean in the evening with only a few witnesses. I am kinda believing this may have been some kind of terrorist incident the government wanted hushed up. If it had become known that it’s possible terrorist brought this plane down can you imagine the impact at the time on air travel? Given who was in office at the time too is it any wonder that nothing more came of the investigation. His administration was all about making us think things were just peachy and this would have been like a warning shot over the bow of a ship that all was not well in wonderland. I wish more ‘reporters’ would dig in to this story but they won’t because it may reveal once again that Clinton’s legacy is one where he sold this country to the highest bidder (Chinese military) and was a thoroughly incompetent commander in chief.

What a prize

Nosing through the headlines I noticed this trip was awarded to the principal of the year and teacher of the year. What the fuck would anyone want to go here? There are too many places in the US, the Caribbean, South America, Australia and such that are safe and not a third world shithole like Senegal. My guess is someone must have had some connections in the travel office or wanted to be DIVERSE in their choice of destinations. Check out this from Lonely Planet.

The Deluded

Interesting article about Swedish converts to Islam. Not much in the way of substance until the end.

Both Benauoda and Granath lament the fact that while their religion has become more high-profile in recent years, it has also taken on negative associations. Benaouda says the Swedish media too often associates Islam with war and violence. She insists that there is room for more tolerance and understanding. Ya think?

Granath thinks that media, society and politicians will only achieve the sought-after tolerance when they come to realise that religion really is flexible enough to fit into the 21st century. UM…Islam is NOT flexible. Those that follow its tenets to the letter do not allow for any latitude in its interpretation. That’s a western delusion.

“I believe that we always have to evaluate our religion. It was interpreted in a certain time and place and will always need to be up to date.”
Islam is a dark ages religion. Those that are adamantly following it’s teachings want to take the world back to that time.

One last thing

More here of the debacle that is socialized medicine in the UK. Read and see the future.

I gotta go….

That is all.


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