Yeah…like this is going to happen

Posted: October 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
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So what if terrorists like Sean Penn. The rest of us don’t and aren’t going to listen to him. Get real.

Double standards in public schools?

Say it isn’t so!!!!! A former Enloe (that’s in NC) teacher gets demoted because he has an anti-islamotard speaker come to class. Would the same disciplinary action have occurred if he’d had an athiest or a mooslimb come speak? No way Hose! He would have been lauded for his respect of diversity but invite someone that has personal experience with the Religion of Piss and forget it. More here.

BET Thug awards

They were held in Atlanta this past weekend I think. A ‘rapper’ T.I. was arrested with a boatload of guns. See here. This is the type of asshole many youth, all races, look up to yet Jesse and Al are content to focus on the Duke 3 and Jena 6. How many young people have died as a result of this thug rap/crap culture? How many young people have dropped out of school because they just knew they could be rich rappers like P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy or whatthefuckever he calls himself by now? Changing the mindset of minorities on violence, poverty, victimhood and the like should be what Jesse and Al focus on but that would probably take money out of their pockets. Preserving the ideas that blacks are just victims of whitey discrimination even where it doesn’t exists pays their bills. I won’t look for them to address the problems within the black community ever.

Time to go workout

That is all.

  1. deutsche says:

    terrorist dosent have intelligent bombs or?

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