OH…it’s gonna hit the fan now

Posted: October 18, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I’m waiting with my ears stuffed for the race warlords to come out of the woodwork. Because of this. This is going to be really ugly.

Well, yeah, there are always two sides…

Maybe even three or four. But come on….you have a guy working for you for 18 years and all of a sudden you decide to write an epistle and place it in his personnel file AFTER he has a guy come speak to his class whose message you don’t like? More here.

Good article by Tony Blankley on Owl Bore

I love reading well-written pieces.

What are dhimmicrats up to now?

Since they can’t end the war in Iraq in the conventional way, it looks like they may have to do some pretty underhanding things to appease their libtard base while still appearing to be centrist. At least that’s the chatter being bandied about by some pundits over this latest move by Pelosi and company to slam Turkey. It’s an interesting idea. At any rate, the military is already reviewing their options in case Turkey gets pissed and doesn’t allow us to use those airbases anymore. Thanks Nancy. Bitch. Question, if this does happen and the delay in moving men and materiel to that theater result in US deaths, can Nancy and the moonbats be held accountable? OH…and while I’m thinking about it…doesn’t Congress have more important things to do right now?


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