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Posted: October 24, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Well…actually a few comments but only one made some kinda sorta sense. I found it after wading through some 8000 emails (you read that right). It was a comment about my John Mellencamp post. And I’m not sure if it was truly a comment or just an as info thing but here’s my take on it. The commenter included some comments by Mellencamp after the mini firestorm erupted over his song about the Jena 6. This is what the poster included:

In John’s own words:

“I am not a journalist, I am a songwriter and in the spirit and tradition of
the minstrel, I am telling a story in this song.

The story is not, strictly speaking, about the town of Jena or this specific
incident but of racism in America.

The song was not written as an indictment of the people of Jena but, rather,
as a condemnation of racism, a problem which I’ve reflected in many songs, a
problem that still plagues our country today.

The current trial in Jena is just another reflection of prejudice in our
nation. If the song strikes an emotional chord with people and if they
examine it and interpret as they will, something will have been
accomplished. The aim here is not to antagonize but, rather, to catalyze

OK…so John is spinning his tune as a well-intentioned little ditty not about a town called Jena but of rampant racism in America. Bullshit. And he’s full of it too. First and foremost this is just another attempt by a liberal has been singer/songwriter to get some face time on the back of a debacle in a small southern town. And it was a debacle. You had several serious mis-steps by the school administrators and the local prosecutor there’s no denying that. A columnist in Kansas ran down the info here better than I ever could. If you didn’t click on that link the first time I mentioned it…do so now.
Ol’ John’s just been drinking the same kool aid as Sharpton. Many of these incidents of ‘racism’ or more accurately bigotry in the US have at their core something else…conflicts between people that happen to be of different races. That does not necessarily make them KKK worthy events. What is pathetic is how whenever something does happen and on the surface meets the libtards very thin definition of racism (it has to be evil ‘Christian’ whites against oppressed blacks—no other races or religions need apply) all the race warlords and their sycophants come out of the wood work. Marches, idiotic chants, demands for justice, and so on until you think blood is going to start shooting out of your nose. That’s where morons like Mellencamp come in. Let’s pen a little jig to goad the masses further in to hysteria so any facts of the case will be further obscured. Yes there is bigotry in America. But if tools like Mellencamp would take a look at the statistics as reported to the FBI, he’ll see it’s not just blacks that are victims, it’s whites, Jews, heck…it’s everyone at some time or another. I’m sure he wouldn’t read it but Ann Coulter’s column here (actually may have to go to the achives but it’s titled ‘Another Liberal Noose-ance’)has a wonderful run down of many incidences of racism that turned out to be hoaxes. Like retractions in newspapers when they get a name wrong, this part of the story never gets the front page treatment so most people are left with the idea that these things really happened. Then there are the cases of blatant bigotry–rushes to judgement but the victims this time are white. Why doesn’t Melonhead write a little ditty about that? Oh…slap me…it wouldn’t sell but whites deserve whatever shit gets thrown their way at any rate. So Melonhead can say what he wants but he’s still a pathetic, attention-starved liberal moron. And I as usual can say what I want and I say go fuck yourself John.

Once again…the liberal media screws America

This is really an old story but I’m still catching up on my email. I cannot believe this. The MSM, in their rush to scoop a story, has once again allowed their sphinctors to be the judge and we the people get screwed. They should be able to find who leaked this information and just fucking shoot them.

Time to go workout.

That is all.


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