Damn it didn’t take as long as I thought it would

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Already Sen. Boxer of California has stated these fires are Bush’s fault because the troops from CA are in Iraq. God but these people are so stupid. They just piss me off. Harry Reid is saying it’s glowbull worming. Ask firefighters who is to blame and they’ll tell you…..fucking environmentalists that will not let them create fire barriers or thin the brush because of some fucking rodents. Oh…let’s not forget the scumbag arsonists that are starting these things.

And speaking of intelligence

Some kid somewhere wrote this in his school newspaper and the administrators went apoplectic. I LOVE it. Smart kid.

Another ‘modest proposal’
by Justin Jones
Published on: 10/23/07

For a millennium, the world has been plagued with stupid people corrupting society and bastardizing the value of life for all of mankind.

The intellectually handicapped have been reproducing at a substantially greater rate than those with a fully functional brain.

The problem of the unintelligent reproducing is, and has been, a serious threat to society that has gone unchecked for far too long. It is the responsibility of man to solve this problem before a reverse Darwinism takes effect.

It is depressing to think (especially at the high school age) that people with a high IQ are generally stereotyped as “geeks” or “nerds” because they choose to do more intellectually stimulating activities like homework, and reading, instead of those activities preferred by their peers like power lifting, full contact football without head protection, or crushing cans on one’s head. So while the intelligent are exiled from the masses, the ignorant are cherished and embraced.

Due to the substantial amount of low IQ reproduction and relatively low amount of high IQ reproduction, the intelligent become fewer and farther between.

Since mankind obviously cannot control itself enough to make strides for the future, the populace spins into an out of control state of reverse Darwinism where the stupid people survive and the smart people perish.

Some form of action must be taken, one which can be governed effectively and immediately to pull a populace from a malevolent tailspin toward disaster.

First off, charity should be outlawed. No longer should people be allowed to use their children as a source of income. People who cannot afford to have kids simply should not have kids. Unemployment benefits also must be disbanded — go get a job. That isn’t to say those with disabilities should not be helped, but not with handouts, just a hand. One of the greatest minds of the century, Stephen Hawking, is immobile. Yet the courageous Mr. Hawking still manages to make strides in the areas of physics, despite being confined to his wheelchair.

Second, the government should compile a standardized test to thoroughly analyze any and all 5th grade students in the country for IQ levels. Based on the results of the test, those who perform in the bottom 25 percent should be executed. The executions will not be inhumane; simple lethal injections while one sleeps would be sufficient. With the bottom of every class systematically removed, over time the world would inevitably thrive and prosper like never before.

It is true that, without the unintelligent, there will be no one to mess up one’s order at the local fast food joint, or people on the news to give one something humorous to talk about at the water cooler at work the next morning, but that is a sacrifice, as a race, that simply must be made.

Get off of me bro

Remember the twerp that got tasered in Florida when he didn’t comply with police requests? The police have been cleared in their use of force. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hey asshole, next time someone in uniform gives you an order, it may be in your best interest to comply.

Ahh…another Hollyweird liberal film

Robert Redford, old age liberal emeritus, has helmed a new movie critical of….the Bush Administration. This movie will tank at the BO along with others of it’s strip. I did get a kick out of this comment by Redford
“Our country has hit a point where we have lost so much,” he said. “We have lost lives, we’ve lost sacred freedoms, we’ve lost financial stability; we’ve lost our position of respect on the world stage.”

That’s the liberal equivalent of the sky is falling. They yell things like this but no one ever asks them to expand that…give us some examples. Yes we’ve lost lives. Wars do that. Would you be happier if civilians here were dying? What sacred freedoms have we lost? The press still prints it’s crap, the MSM still spouts it’s un-American crap, I still can own a gun if I’d like. No one is telling me what job I have to work and where. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are all still in play. Financial stability? The economy, by all indicators that have been used since they started measuring such things, is robust. Lowest unemployment ever (somewhere around 5%). Maybe he’s talking about the bad loans people took our and are now defaulting on. That is a small segment and it will recover. As for respect on the world stage that was lost a long time ago thank you Jimmy Carter. Screw you Redford. Just another Hollyweird hack that has no clue what’s going on. Probably why you premiered this waste of celluloid in England.

Sounds more like Saddam every day

Imanutjob says he won’t negotiate over Iran’s nuclear plans. Big fucking surprise. Maybe we should send him and aid package and tell him how sorry we are that he was treated so horribly at Columbia. Appeasement always works right?


Well…it failed the cloture vote. That’s good. What’s bad is those two cluefucked senators from Florida voted for the damn thing. I have half a mind right now to write them both a scathing letter. Worthless bloody sellouts. I hope Martinez is not going to run again (he shouldn’t) and Bill Nelson, I am going to campaign for any opponent of his—heavily. He should take his pandering personality and cheesy grin on the game show circuit. That way he’ll stay out of the way of harming LEGAL Americans. Hot Air has the run down here.


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