It’s always fun to wander around in the mind of a libtard

Posted: October 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Short post today….lots to do. I’m going to volunteer tonight at the liberal place I quit volunteering at a while back. This is a special occasion and I don’t mind helping and seeing some friends. It should go well…and fast.

I really enjoy reading posts on liberal message boards. It is amazing how cluefucked these people are. I’m guessing most of them work in the arts/crafts/service industry and depend on the seizure of money from gainfully employed people for their livelihood. The President’s veto of SCHIP had them frothing at the mouth and Gore’s Piss Prize award sent them over the edge of delirium.
Well…now they are yakking about Jesus. Actually it seems they are now trying to claim Jesus is one of them. Take this little screed

I second that. Jesus was the first Communist/Socialist. He believed that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities and that we should love each other and be free from judgement. Can’t see anything wrong with that. I have a great bumper sticker on my car that’s a quote from Gandhi, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

At least she’s kinda admitting that she’s a communist/socialist. That’s the only part of her statement that has a ring of truth to it. Jesus was apolitical. He was above and beyond politics. He most definitely wasn’t a socialist/communist. I think he would have found it reprehensible that a government would take money from some forcefully and give it to those that hadn’t earned it. Charity in Jesus’ own words was something you do from your own heart and it was expected. But forced by government? No. Equal rights and opportunities? Where the hell does she get that from anything in the Bible? Roles were clearly defined for men and women in the Bible. The fact that many women traveled with him does not equate with any belief in equal rights. These women were independently wealthy and could do it. Their ministry was part of Christ’s ministry but it was just what they did—not based on some shadowy notions of equal rights and opportunity. I love modern spins on things. Then there’s this being free from judgement. Yes he did admonish all of us to no judge others but you cannot take that statement out of context as she’s doing to mean that any bloody thing goes and we should all just jump up and down and rejoice in sexual depravity, drug use, etc. This is the deal with that statement. Jesus was making a statement that we should not be quick to judge others while turning a blind eye to our own faults. He was not saying anything goes and is excusable. That type of sentiment runs counter to the whole Bible which at many places tells people not to associate with sinners. Use good judgement in all you do and be an example to others.

More confiscation of someone else’s money

I honestly do not know what it’s going to take in this country for people to get really mad about dhimmicrats and their constant attempts to seize more of the money earned by a few and give it to those that have not earned it. Rangel has come out with his plan that if comes true will be the largest increase in taxes ever. Read that again. My guess is he’s put the percentage that high so if he gets half it’ll still be something. chip chip chip. There needs to be some sort of taxpayer revolt where the people that are footing the bill for all these extra government programs start making their feelings known. They are a minority though now so unless they can get others to join that don’t suffer from wealth envy they don’t stand a chance. I’d definitely join them. I hope one day to be in a higher bracket. Geez….$150,000 is nothing nowadays. Where will it end? When we are all equally poor—except the elites.

That is all.


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