Things to do and the liberals that screw them up

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

I had a great time volunteering last night. Saw some folks I truly miss. And it was great not having to be nice to those that that sixth sense always told me weren’t ….I don’t know what the word is…but maybe trustworthy is part of it. As the DH and I were cleaning up afterword I found…on a coffee table….two flyers on….globull worming. I just read the titles and it was more of the same…support legislation…blah blah blah. I’ve said it before but these organizations better watch themselves and their support of this specious movement. It’s going to backfire. I also had the chance to read some letters to the editor in a free magazine I receive last night. They ran a story pro/con GW from the ‘Christian’ perspective last issue. Of all the letters….20 in all, only two stated globull worming was the real thing, caused by man…blah blah blah. That’s pretty striking considering how hot this topic is and how many letters they must have received. Especially in light of the articles. I read both and found the pro-man-made-GW to be a much stronger article—the con-man-made-GW was very weak in stating its case. I thank the internet and various books for clarifying the issue and pointing out the many problems with the anthropogenic GW case. It’s like many things lately, the majority is very quiet and in the shadows but there are a lot of us.

All this being said one other unifying message is that it is important to do things to be good stewards of the earth. Save water, recycle, cut down on trash. All these things and more whatever you can whereever you can. But UN mandates? Carbon taxes? NFW.

This just in…Breck Girl upsed

This is SWWEEEETTTTT. The Edwards campaign is all in a snit over a piece by student journalists at UNC that dare question his campaign headquarters in a posh shopping center when Edwards is always yapping about the poor. They’ve even threatened to cut off access to the candidate if they don’t spike the story and pull it from YouTube. (shades of the Clintons here). Unbelievable. I especially like this statement by the talking heads of the Edwards campaign:
“This is silly,” campaign spokeswoman Colleen Murray said in a statement. “We love all reporters, the problem is the feeling isn’t always mutual.”

I guess you have to be the usual suck up journalist in order to get a story. Don’t shine any light on the warts of a candidate. Read the whole thing here from the N & O. It’s delicious.

More stunning news

Some people in Europe are starting to get it. Illegal immigration is a scourge that is leading to the deterioration of societies the world over. Some of those folks just want to escape bad homelands but I do believe most have more nefarious motives. Islamotards stated goal is to take over the world. So it is heartening that the good people of Switzerland have had an election and the party that got a ton of votes is one that wishes to see more regulation on immigration and if someone is there illegally, commits a crime, they are immediately deported. What is the bloody problem with that? Idiot libtards (is that redundant) think it’s a problem and don’t like it. It hurts their fweelwings and we don’t want that. So they go to Sweden and ask for asylum. Dumbasses. Just mindnumbingly stupid.

OK…what’s going on here

Not sure…terrorism? What’s the point?

I got work to do today…

That is all.


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