OK…so I kinda fudged the time off a bit…

Posted: December 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s just been more than nuts. I can’t believe everything that’s gone on, the have-to-do things, the travel, etc, ad nauseum and so on. Almost over though. Tomorrow presents the last big hurdle of important things then I’ll be back to blogging in January 2008. Gosh that sounds weird. I feel old. I’m looking forward to focusing on politics and the idiots that inhabit that sphere. And there are boatloads this time around. Until then, I leave you with some links from the MRC. Notable quotables and the Grinches of 2007 from CMI. And this from the good folks at PETA. I’m joking there. If you don’t think the people that belong to or run that organization are the lowest form of scum, take a look at the ‘game’ on their site. Just plain sick. OH…and while I’m on to PETA, check out this site. Seems PETA is not what many think it is. Just evil.

Enjoy and see ya’ll in 2008


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