The logic of the liberal mind

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

I have fun sometimes lofting in to liberal chat rooms, blogs, etc to see what equine excrement they are coming up with and found a discussion about Florida’s voter ID law. Many states are trying to enact laws that require people to have a picture ID when they go vote instead of a piece of paper. Liberals are screaming this is tantamount to a poll tax. Their argument falls flat on every point. If someone doesn’t have a picture ID, it will be given to them free of charge. Read that again. Someone is paying for it though but I digress. Further, if they can’t make it to a DMV to get this ID, they can get transportation to the facility–free. OK…those hurdles have been jumped.
So what is it about requiring a person to have a valid picture ID and why has the Florida law been put on hold? Because Hispanic groups are now claiming it would cause a problem because many Hispanic people have multiple surnames. WTF? Pick your name and stick with it. If you want to be known as Juan Carlos Rosenburg Cruz then that’s what you should be called for God’s sake. Is that really so hard?
Then the NAACP chimes in. So many blacks use ‘unconventional’ spellings for their names that would cause problems. Again…WTF? Your mom gives you a name at birth. Somewhere in your early years you learn to spell that name. Even if it’s %^&#@. What do you decide to do when you go to vote. Change it to &#$%^? What a bunch of useless arguments. This is the best you assholes can do to challenge a law designed to prevent voter fraud? Talk about pulling something out of your ass. The very weakness of these arguments shows these groups are front and center promoting voter fraud.

But back to my mentioning a blog. I will not give credit to the blog because it’s so full of liberal BS and I don’t have to but check out this comment:

So then if there is no cross match system in place, how do we ascertain that the person is an American citizen and is who they swear by affidavit that they are?
What stops someone that is not a citizen from voting? What stops someone from voting multiple times?

That was from someone who may consider themselves a liberal but has questions about why this law is being challenged.

Now feast on this response from a liberal:

What stops someone that is not a citizen from voting?

The inability to register to vote.

What stops someone from voting multiple times?

The fact that they will be arrested for it.

This is how a liberal thinks. I cannot read that without alternately laughing and wondering when my head is going to explode. I don’t even need to really comment on that because anyone with an IQ above room temperature would see how utterly stupid that response is. That poster is a person who should not vote. OH…did I ever mention there is no ‘right’ to vote? Just thought I’d throw that in.


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