A safe place for now

Posted: December 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

What pieces of shit liberals can be. Hence the slang libturd. They want everyone to completely accept their ideology, support their ‘artwork’, spout their garbage ad nauseum, drink the Obama Kool Aid, and in general not buck their little world but they cannot fathom giving others who don’t do those things the same courtesy. Remember, Democrats are the party of tolerance, right?
Stinking, useless pieces of shit. My only comfort at this time is watching Obamaturd begin his implosion. And the liberal nervousness ramping up over The One not being all they thought.
For example, they’ve been pissing all over themselves over His choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation. I don’t really care for Warren myself (he’s in the Owl Bore camp) but some things he’s OK on. Conversely, have you seen Christians screaming over The One’s choice to give the benediction? Joseph Lowery. I’m not calling this tool a pastor, reverend or anything else. You cannot call yourself a Christian, a believer in the Bible and think being gay is just peachy. You cannot twist The Word to mean what you wish it to mean. But those of us who are Christian, just shrug our shoulders over this choice. What’s beautiful about this situation is it illustrates how Obama is trying to please too many groups of people. He’s a panderer. And you cannot pander than much and be an effective leader. The executive experience that he doesn’t have is going to show up in little ways like this and it will illustrate how unprepared he is to be a leader.
Next is this story. Obama better watch it with the media. They are his darlings and will forgive him more than anyone in history. But if he starts dodging them, shunning them, not letting them know his every move, they will turn on him. Those twerps don’t like it when they aren’t ‘in the loop’. If he loses media support, then part of what got him elected will fade away. Which will be kinda nice all around for those of us who know what a boob he is already.
To be fair tho, I’ve always said the media is too intrusive on celebutards. But still it’ll be fun to see the monster that each created turn on each other.


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