I need to get on the ball

Posted: December 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

One really has to watch out for what is on the net. As wound up as I get over things it’s always important to remember there are some really strange, bat-crazy sites out there. The left seems to have the most and sadly those are the mainstream sites like the KKKozKids and HuffPo, but there are some strange sites that take conservatism to the edge of sanity too. I will say one thing, as nutty as some of those sites are with their conspiracy theories, at least I don’t see calls for harm to come to liberal leaders nor when someone identified with the right is stricken with an illness I don’t see the absolute glee that shows up on the leftist sites.
Here’s one site that I’m still not altogether sure about. It seems they link to respectable news outlets and pundits but something about this place has me a bit skittish. Maybe it’s all a result of my recent entanglements with liberals that just keep me whincing…who knows.
I received a kind comment from someone who read my blog. Thanks bunches. I agree with you that Obummer is a troll and while I don’t want to see this country deteriorate maybe that’s what it’ll take for people to wake up.
I was researching something tonight about executive orders. Bush has taken a great beating by liberals for eight years being called everything from Hitler to the Anti-Christ. Their reasoning is that he has used his office of POTUS for more power and the one way a president can do this is through the use of executive orders. They kinda bypass Congress so there’s no debate and no vote on this. Well guess what….Clinton issued more executive orders than Bush has to date…something like 364 to 242. Bush has also had to deal with more criticsm over Iraq/Afghanistan than Clinton and his wars. I found this particularly interesting:
Clinton’s War: On June 9, 1998, President Clinton issued EO 13088, which declared a national emergency, seized the U.S.-based assets of the government of Yugoslavia, and prohibited trade with that country as well as with the constituent republics of Serbia and Montenegro. In March 1999, without prior congressional authority, Clinton deployed and engaged the U.S. Air Force to participate in NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia. He then deployed U.S. troops in neighboring Macedonia and Albania, merely informing Congress of his declaration of war on Yugoslavia. On April 13, 1999, Clinton issued EO 13119, designating Yugoslavia and Albania as a war zone. On April 20, 1999, Clinton issued EO 13120, ordering reserve units to active duty. On April 28, 1999, Congress overwhelmingly rejected a resolution to declare war against Yugoslavia and also rejected a concurrent resolution “authorizing” the continuation of the air war. Clinton continued the war, nevertheless. On May 26 and June 2 Clinton notified Congress that he had sent additional troops and aircraft to participate in the war. On June 5 he notified Congress that he had sent still more troops to the front. On June 10 NATO declared the war to be over. On June 12 Clinton informed Congress that he would deploy 7,000 U.S. troops to permanently occupy Yugoslavia.
Source here.
How accurate is this information? Dunno. Is this a moonbat site? Could be. The numbers should be easily verifiable. Anyway, it’s interesting to see. As much as I’ve disagreed with Bush on his domestic policies, expansion of the Federal Government, his signoff on the insipid ‘Department of Peace’, he has been vilified for doing less than Clinton did. I wonder how much of what the incoming administration does will get that Oust treatment by the left. No…don’t answer that…I already know.


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