More Global Warming news

Posted: January 1, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals

This is great. Following on the heels of last weeks’ article saying 2008 was the year the scam is revealed, now a leading politician in Ireland is saying the same. And he’s dead on correct in his quotes of how this scam will negatively affect all people but the poorest most of all. The comments are even great. People are getting it. YAY!!! If more politicians start being skeptical, then Gore is going to lose it. HA. But then there’s this news out of England. All I can say is that’s tossing good money after a bad idea but maybe such a loss with nothing to show for it will be a good thing. Think of all the people that money could help tho instead of lining the Goreacle’s pockets.
Still, those of us who aren’t followers of Gore need to do more and be proactive if we want to stop this insanity. Because as with so many other things those that are believers in this BS are very good at organizing and getting their message out. I submit this as an example. I’ve obviously removed some names and specific information but you get the idea. This is from an actual email I received from a place where I used to volunteer.
Global Warming Workshop for Educators, hosted by XXX.

We are looking for participants who teach others about the environment: educators from nature centers, science centers, community groups, garden clubs, scouts, Audubon chapters, 4-H, classroom teachers and other concerned citizens. Join us for an all day workshop to develop the information and tools needed to reach your audiences. We’ll work together to create activities to add to your programs that teach others about global warming and how to engage people in central Florida . This event is FREE, lunch will be provided. You must register for this event.
You’ve probably guessed why I stopped volunteering. But the point is, if they can use this organization, its buildings, and staff to promote a bogus idea, what can the rest of us do acting on our own? Think of all the people that will probably attend who will in turn be TEACHING children about the environment according to Gore? Part of me would love to go and have some material handy to contradict their rhetoric but it would be like a bait fish swimming with sharks. I have an idea but don’t know how to get it going. So I’ve started jotting down questions to ask a Global Warmist just to make them think. I don’t think it would be a good idea to be confrontational but some simple questions that they shouldn’t be able to answer with any real authority may get them to thinking.
Here’s my list so far, feel free to email me with additional questions to add if you’d like. Perhaps I can get a meetup going locally and we can have our own anti-Global Warmist class.

1. If man-made global warming is real, then what would explain the increase in surface temperatures on Mars in the last 10 years?

2. If man-made global warming is real, how can you explain the global temperature fluctuations that have occurred prior to the Industrial Revolution?

3. Why did the UN delete the data from the Medieval Warm Period which resulted in the ‘hockey stick’ chart?

4. If Al Gore really believed in man-made global warming, then why does his home use 20 times more electricity derived from coal plants than the average home in America?

5. If Al Gore really believed in man-made global warming, then why did he recently purchase a huge houseboat that runs solely on fossil fuels?

6. If Al Gore really believed in man-made global warming, then why does he fly around in private jets spewing enormous amounts of pollution to conferences, concerts, etc when he could fly commercial if he needed to fly at all?

7. Doesn’t it seem strange that the person pushing the idea of carbon credits has a financial stake in a company selling carbon credits? Al Gore is a part owner in a carbon credit selling operation. He also has a financial stake in several other ‘anti-global warming’ businesses.

8. Where did all the money raised at the last Live Earth go? Answer: No one knows and those that should have refused to answer.

9. If the new light bulbs are so good for the environment, why are their EPA guidelines for their disposal due to their mercury content?

10. How are these new mercury-laden lightbulbs supposed to help the environment?


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