This is so exciting.

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy day. I knew yesterday I was forgetting something but the holidaze have left me befuddled and about 6:30 am I remembered. Fridays I do volunteer work. I kept thinking it was Thursday and well…you know how that is.
Anyway, I’ll be off for a few days, out of town you might say. The Man is a HUGE Dolphins fan and needless to say he’s been real excited this year. So we’re going to see their game on Sunday and that means packing the dogs off to puppy penitentiary and heading down to Miami. I’ll be too tired when we get back to blog until Monday but if they win it’ll be a good kind of tired. The MINI is all tricked out in Dolphin gear but I can’t find my darn shirt. Who knew I’d need it right?
I saw where John Travolta’s son died. It’s horrible when a parent loses a child but if they believe like Tom Cruise that meds are bad I wonder if Jett’s seizures were uncontrollable without meds. He’s been so much a part of growing up for many in my generation and my thoughts are with him as they are with all parents that lose a child.

Wish the Dolphins luck K?


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