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Posted: January 3, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism
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I know I said I wouldn’t be able to post for a few days but this is just too juicy.

Earlier I wrote about the chinks in Obummer’s ‘Messiah’ facade. His spin meisters were trying to lower expectations on the eve of the election and since the election there’s been more of the same with indications that many of the positions he took during the campaign are going to have to be modified. That ain’t gonna make his kool aid drinkers happy. Just look at this little protest and notice too how CNN didn’t mention who the protesters were aligned with. Guess they don’t want the shine off The One just yet. BTW Newsbusters does an excellent job of ferreting out this sort of information.
This article in today’s N & O via the NYSlimes illustrates the point wonderfully. I have to mention here that the blurb on the main page was misleading but consider the source. Just remember liberal stoopids that all those catchy little slogans and clueless rhetoric spouted by our newly elected dumbass are going to prove what a cluelss fucktard he is. It sure sounded nice tho didn’t it? Now he’s going to have to make a fucking decision and not just say present. He’s going to have to examine all the angles of situations that Bush has had to face for eight years and find it’s not so simple. I am slobbering all over myself just waiting to see how he handles these sorts of things.
Have you noticed all the protests against Israel’s attacks in Gaza? I don’t really think they’re attacks because THEY’VE been attacked continuously for months. With something like 6,000 rockets fired in to Israel from UN schools and civilian homes in recent months. More like retaliation but that’s not stopping the clueless fucktards from whining and marching about the eevilll Jooos. Even Roseanne Barr weighed in. No pun intended. It’s going to be fun so see how low their collective IQs can go.

And a big thank you to those that make comments. Even those that disagree with me. It’s really cool that you all are taking the time to do this. That’s what a free exchange of dialogue should be. I don’t think I’ll ever censor comments. People should be able to read and decide for themselves and someone may post info that will change my mind. There has to be that guarantee. So thanks again, don’t forget to wish those long-suffering Dolphins well. Whether you like them or not you have to admit they’ve done very well this season. Hey…I’ll root for your team sometime K?


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