Global Warming, athiests, and ethics oh my

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals

OK…so the ‘Fins didn’t win. They still have nothing to reproach themselves over. They went from a horrid season in 2007 to their division champions in 2008. I think that’s unprecedented. I also think Jon Bon Jovi is buying in to the franchise. He was on the sidelines being shown around and had a Dolphin pin on his lapel. Sumpins’ up.
But on to more important things.

Did you see the article this weekend on the new head of the EU? None other than Vaclav Klaus…and avowed GW skeptic. I LOVE this. LOVE IT I tell you. He’s even written a book called “Blue Planet in Green Chains”. As someone who grew up during Soviet occupation, I think he understands better than anyone how the Greenies are nothing more than communists masquerading as caring environmentalists.
I don’t usually read too much on HuffPo. I lose IQ points when I hang out there too long but this interesting tidbit snuck past their libtard censors. I’ll admit I didn’t read the whole thing for the above mentioned reason but I can tell this, Mr. Ambler will have his Libturd License permanently revoked if he doesn’t issue a retraction fast.
More proof that Obummer is going to have his hands full with the ultra-liberal tools that put this tool in office. Remember Michael Newdow? He’s back. Let’s see how Odummer handles this. My guess is he’ll ignore it and it’ll die without him soiling his hands. Still tho…this huge faction of the Dhimmicrat party aren’t going to be happy if he doesn’t do what they want. OH…and being he has an Office of the President-Elect and you couldn’t pee without him giving a press conference, why has he been so quiet on what’s going on in Gaza? And has any president-elect had so much scandal surrounding him before he even takes the freaking oath? Now Richardson has bailed because of a pay-to-play. That Obama sure has good judgement doesn’t he?
Let’s see…in other news….Nancy Pelosi, leader of the most incompetent, ineffective, and corrupt House ever has decided that in order to be more transparent in their dealings, she’ll just do away with the long-standing fairness rules in order to shut Republicans out. Unbelievable. There’s change we can believe in.
And Blago’s choice for Obummer’s seat is a disgraced Illinois politician. Is that redundant? Burris claims he is God-ordained–see paragraph 5. Those wacky liberals, they don’t know God or Jesus until it suits their purpose. Did I mention he’s trotted out the race card? I thought Obama’s election was supposed to stop all that nonsense. HA!
Finally, ya’ll know at the end of every year anyone with a pen, paper, or word processor feels the need to trot out their best or worst of lists for 2008. Most of the time it’s just entertaining reading and gives us all an ‘oh yeah’ moment. But CNN has decided to continue Palin-bashing by lumping her in with their list of politicians who fell from grace in 2008. Ya know what this is really about don’t you? There is still talk of her running in 2012 and by associating her with this bunch of losers they are trying to attach a negative connotation to her name. Guilty by association you might say. Obama’s reprehensible well-documented associations got no traction in the MSM. But they have to pull something out of their asses to create this negative aura about Palin to preemptively stop her run (if she even decides to do so) in 2012. This is what pisses me off about conservatives. We whine, bitch, moan, shoot emails back and forth but we don’t plan or take action. CNNs article is what got Obummer elected. If folks don’t wake up between now and 2010, we are all so screwed.


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