See…it doesn’t matter who our president is…

Posted: January 7, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism
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Well, well, well, this didn’t take long. Seems the Islamoturds are blaming Obama for the Gaza mess. So you see, those of us who had a friggin’ clue knew that Bush was just a convenient whipping boy for the left. They just KNEW that he was the reason ‘they’ didn’t like us. Just like the global warming crowd, they conveniently ignore decades if not centuries of history. Surely they can’t be that stupid and shortsighted? Can they? Yeah, they can. God help us but not only will the evil, violent, islamotards blame the incoming administration but the incoming administration will probably too weak and indecisive to do anything when a threat does arise. God help us all.
Speaking of islamotards and their apologists, there was an interesting ‘meanderings’ in the local paper the other day written by a…wait for it….muslim. She claims to have worked for peace in the ME locally by being friends with Christians, Jews, and muslims but her screed had one purpose–to lay the current crisis squarely at Israel’s feet. She even lauded Jimmy Carter for his ME peace initiatives. Tell me again how that worked out? I’m in the process of writing to the paper myself and hope to get it to them today rebutting this retard’s assertions. See…it’s articles like that which give people the wrong idea on what is really going on now and how it got to this point.
While we’re on this new eruption of violence in Gaza, remember the outcry over the bombing of the boy’s school in Gaza? Oh…the MSM forgot to mention those scumbags were launching rockets from that school. That makes them a legitimate military target. Check out this YouTube video which shows those assholes on the roof preparing to launch a rocket into Israel back in October, 2007. Need more? Here.
More info here about that ‘humanitarian’ yacht Cynthia McKinney was on too. As I guess, it wasn’t all about aid. They weren’t flying either the Red Cross or Red Crescent flag which would have been a clear sign they had aid. They ignored the Israeli Navy’s radio messages to turn around and tried to outmaneuver the Israelis, resulting in the collision. Of course it’s being reported in the Jew-hating MSM that the Israelis rammed the boat but what do you expect from a lying bunch of self-serving hacks? Israel should have blown the bastards out of the water. I’m going to bookmark that blog. It’s good to get more info that’s closer to the source and not filtered through the islamoturd media.


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