Anything goes Friday

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals
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I was watching one of those megadisaster shows the other day which featured hurricanes hitting NYC. Apparently there have been some pretty devastating ones in 1898 and 1938. (I think I remember the years right) The idea behind the show was that although NYC was a large city then, it’s bigger now and they should learn lessons from what happened in New Orleans. They trotted out all sorts of weather experts to discuss the ones that occurred way back when and compare it to what they know would happen today. For most of what I saw it seemed pretty balanced until there was the obligatory GW mention–by a farmer and ‘cooperative weather observer’. You read that right. This was an expert worthy of having his words committed to film? A layman’s opinion yea but not an expert. The other thing? They mentioned all the horrid things that combined to make Katrina so bad—her size, wind speed, storm surge, direct hit on a metropolitan area and so on. No mention of the incompetent leadership on the local (Nagin) and state (Blanco) level, the siphoning off of millions of dollars earmarked for levy construction and repair, upgrading the pumping stations and so on.

Moving on…I saw on the news that Obummer’s MIL is going to live with them at the WH. Perfect. Has that ever happened? How many more of his family and extended family will be moving in? I think we know who will be the actual president for the next four years and it won’t be the one with the twig and berries. I may start to feel sorry for him after all.
I thought this was interesting too: Obummer’s so-called stimulus plan will cost more than all the wars the US has been involved in combined. That should put some shit on the shineola for ya. He’s going to spend his way to a recovery? Someone needs to tell me how that’s going to work. Where is this money going to come from? We are so screwed. Obummer’s taking a page out of the Clinton playbook too by using polls and focus groups to decide how he should lead. What a puss.

We got our cookbook yesterday and someone actually submitting “Hitlery Clinton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies”. That woman has never set foot in a kitchen. She released that recipe in response to the furor over her comment about staying in the kitchen way back when.
Still nothing on the Obummer birth certificate issue. One day the truth will come out but if he isn’t an actual citizen, then this sets a precedent. Why not throw out the age rule too? God bless the people that are still fighting to get to the bottom of this. And a big plate of rancid fish to all those that are just looking the other way. You all obviously have lost not only your moral compass but your legal one as well.


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