Posted: January 9, 2009 in liberals

Per my recent entanglements with the libturd censor brigade, I’m beginning to find myself in good company. Now that the libturds are in control, look for all sorts of limits on speech whether it’s being able to criticize an elected official or point out that a libturd celebrity isn’t what they seem to be. My situation was small potatoes compared to this but it’s all the same. Someone doesn’t like what you say or do and they use their power to shut you up. Some band that’s marching in Obummer’s inauguration parade has had to change the name of their mascot because someone wrote the band director and said it was offensive. Again, I have to ask, do any of us have to right to not be offended? I may start using that claim to get some things changed that I don’t like. It’s an idea….


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