Pretty much counts me out

Posted: January 12, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

Of football season that is. I don’t care for any of the teams left. Lots of stunners this season. Colts out. Giants out. Hell, I was even shocked when the Cowboys lost. I thought they were getting their act together.
I just pray the Ravens don’t make it to the big dance. Bunch of thugs. Lewis should be serving time. BTW what about that head butt that wasn’t called yesterday? What a creep.

I have a question for all these people worldwide that are crying about the latest escalation of violence in Gaza: Where were your cries concerning the THOUSANDS of rockets/mortars the paleosimians were lobbing in to Israeli neighborhoods over the last three years? Hamas, Hezbollah, and all of the mooselimb countries in the ME have said at one time or another and recently too that they will not rest until Israel is annihilated. So tell me again why you support a society that is hell bent on eliminating an entire ethnic group? Which brings me back to the problem I had on the social networking site last year. A picture I used as an avatar apparently offended some folks, one of whom claimed to be Jewish. Haven’t you all ever heard of those that don’t remember history are condemned to repeat it? Obama is a socialist. So were the Nazis. Some of Obama’s statements have sounded eerily like early Hitler–forced volunteerism ie Hitler Youth, ‘for the greater good’ rhetoric, some goofy civilian police force answerable to him ie Brown Shirts, lack of condemnation of islamic terrorism, a willingness to dialogue with terrorist organizations, etc. Those same terrorist organizations that think Hitler didn’t do enough about the Jewish problem. Some of ya’ll seem content to bury your heads in sand and ignore the blatantly obvious. The problems in the ME could be easily solved if the paleosimians and their bankrollers would just let Israel exist. But they never will do that. So why is it Israel is seen as the bad guy here? Is it because they are generally a more affluent, organized society? That they have taken the crappiest land possible and made it productive? That they continue to go on with their daily lives despite the constant threats all around them? That when they do decide they’ve had enough they have superior weapons? You don’t take a knife to a gun fight assholes.
For whatever missteps they’ve made in the last 40 years they’ve done a whole lot more for humanity than the islamic retards ever will. The fact that for the most part they’ve carved a nation out of the freaking desert and have survived many attacks by Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc says an awful lot about a people willing to stick it out for what they believe. Too bad the screwy UN, which is now controlled by tin hat dictators and islamogoons, doesn’t have the huevos to mind their own business and let Israel deal with those that have threatened her very existence. Those of you that think Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other of the world’s religions are bad and oppressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. Look at countries where islam is the dominant religion. All other religions are persecuted–their members routinely killed for not converting. Look at what’s happening in Europe or Britain where islam has gained a tremendous foothold. It’s a horror story and it’s coming to the US unless folks wake up. They want to take over the world. I know that sounds all moonbatty but that’s what their pedophile prophet tells them to do. Their imans and clerics have said many times that is the goal. We better start listening. You cannot negociate with terrorists. End of story. The only thing those bastards understand is death. Islam is a death cult. Has been since its invention. I say let ’em have it.


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