I’m lazy today—so sue me

Posted: January 17, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

Still working on that grout issue in the kitchen. Repeat after me “It’ll look better when it’s done”. OK…now that’s out of the way.
Drudge has a boatload of intriguing links today–everything from our soon-to-be Dictator-in-Chief refusing to give up his Blackberry (didn’t I mention in an earlier post how arrogant and above the rules this asshole is?) to warnings from some Islamotard cleric in Iran (go figure) warning Obama about the world situation and his hunt for a dog. Never trust a religion that dislikes dogs. I won’t bother to post the links, get thee to Drudge yourself.
I am so glad for satellite TV. I can bury myself in home improvement, knitting, and old movies until this bromance is over. Bernie Goldberg has a new book coming out about the love affair between the MSM and Obama too. That should be a must read.
The DH made an observation this am about it too. The love affair seems to be one way now. Obama has made the media his bitch and he’ll be controlling the booty calls from now on. Remember that little story about The One handpicking the people for every press conference that’ll be allowed to ask him questions earlier in the week? I’ve warned about this before but he owes them for his ascendancy and since the MSM are primarily made up of whiny libtards they will turn on him if he doesn’t give them their props. It’s going to be fun watching them turn on each other while the country goes down the crapper. There’s change we can believe in cuz we’ll be able to watch it happen. YAY!
Like this is going to work. I will hold my breath on the agreement because it’ll be smashed before the ink’s dry. When you have mooselimb leaders calling for the assassination of Israeli leaders you have to know there is no way the state of Israel is going to be allowed to exist in peace. The sooner people understand that the sooner we can deal with the real problems over there and here for that matter.
In other news, once again diversity trumps qualifications. Want to know why we are becoming a nation of whiners and wussies? It’s because things that shouldn’t matter like race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and such are the defining requirements for jobs. This excerpt from here just speaks volumes:
Some argued that the seat should have gone to Bell because if it
didn’t, there would be no Superior Court judges in North Carolina who
are American Indian. But others argued that Carter, who is black, had
the better resume.

Many white males have argued for years that they are the most discriminated segment of society but this goes to show other groups get the short end of the stick, even groups identified as the most discriminated historically. At what point do we revolt against all these idiotic lines of reasoning?


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