Gun purchases explode

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Gun Rights
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Yeah, I know. Lot’s of pundits are saying it’s because Obambi is anti-gun and they’re right. But I think there’s another reason. It’s because of the economy. I think lots of folks know that crime in general is going to go through the roof. If Obambi doesn’t solve all their problems, pay all their bills, give them an education and flat screen TV, then they’ll just have to take it from those that do have those things. I’m willing to bet that during the Great Depression crime rates spiked too. But I’m also willing to bet that it was in isolated pockets and in isolated circumstances like gangsters and in large cities. Not so now. We have raised a people in a nation for 40+ years that has come to see government as their savior or provider and they have all kinds of rights dontchaknow. Wants become needs and if they don’t have it that doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to it. Well too bad. Those that have made good decisions about their lives or dug themselves out of bad decisions in order to live comfortably aren’t likely to just hand their hard-earned stuff over. Enter gun ownership. I’ve been seeing quite a few stories like this in the last week were someone with a CCW took out a dirtbag who was in the process of trying to relieve them or someone else of their property. Good riddance to bad crap. I know there’s more of this coming but like a cop who was interviewed after one of these incidents said, perps need to understand that their victim may be packing.
I have my gun and ammo ready, do you?

Update 12/18: Yet another homeowner defends himself, another dirtbag TU.

  1. WallyMyles says:

    You are one racist cunt. Please, do society a favor and go die in a fire. Better yet, try living in poverty some day when it really is out of your control. People like you make this world a shitty place to live.

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