I don’t usually do this but….

Posted: January 20, 2009 in liberals


Question: How do you know when you’ve beaten a liberal?
Answer: When they call you vile names, wish death on you, and either call you an A) Nazi B) Hitler or C) racist

I am honored. No wait…let me back up so you get the whole story. I debated on commenting on this anyway because trolls live for this stuff. They have such miserable lives that it gives them a buzz when someone notices them but this was just too good to pass up.
You see, earlier in the week I posted about the spike in gun ownership. I agree that it’s in part due to Obummerturd’s looming presidency. I also think it’s because folks are anticipating crime to increase. I think that usually happens when times get tight. I then went on to cite some recent examples of predators being removed from the gene pool via the lawful use of a firearm by a citizen. It would appear that someone didn’t like that. Why I don’t know but we are probably talking about a libtard here so logic and reason tend to evaporate in their tiny brains. They operate on emotion. Feelings. And I must’ve hurt his wittle feelings.
Here’s what Mr. Box O’Rocks had to say:

You are one racist cunt. Please, do society a favor and go die in a fire. Better yet, try living in poverty some day when it really is out of your control. People like you make this world a shitty place to live.

Let’s take his screed apart shall we? Just for fun. First off…no where in my post did I mention race. That was him and his victim mentality. He must have assumed the thugs were of a race different than myself. I dunno. I don’t remember the articles being specific on that. I couldn’t care less. What I was happy about is some predator was no longer going to be able to prey on innocent civilians. Furthermore, if Mr. Box O’Rocks had ever opened a dictionary he’d know his use of the term ‘racist’ was incorrect. The Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2001, says thus: Racism: 1. the belief in the superiority of a particular race: prejudice based on this. 2. antagonism toward other races. Racist: 1 apartheid, bigotry 2. chauvinistic, bigoted
There is nothing in my post that would lead one to believe I think one race is superior. He simply uses an emotion-laden word that all low IQ libtards think of as their trump card. Sorry to disappoint him. I taught in public schools and learned really fast that it was a tool thugs used to get those in authority to back down. It didn’t work with me and the amazing thing was my kids respected me. They knew what the rules were and what happened to everyone if they were broken. After a few tried that ‘you’re racist’ crap and saw I meant what I said, they learned they could trust me. That’s important to kids from the street. They may not have liked the rules but they did understand on some level the need for them. No need to comment on Mr. Box O’Rocks use of the word after racist. Further evidence of a low functioning person. As for living in poverty–he doesn’t know anything about me or what I’ve done with my life so that’s a pretty stupid remark. Wealth-envy is an ugly thing. I do not envy those that have more than I and he shouldn’t either. It’s a pretty stupid thought process that leads one to believe anyone that’s attained anything must have had it handed to them. Very few people in this world who he’d probably consider wealthy have had it handed to them. Most had to work their asses off for years and do without to get where they are today. What’s not fair is for morons such as him who have probably made some bad decisions to blame his misfortunes on others. He probably thinks people like Clarence Thomas have lead a charmed life. That man rose from the most depressing, horrible circumstances to be an AJ on the SCOTUS. He didn’t subscribe to the victim mentality Mr. Box O’Rocks has embraced and look where he is. No…instead he clings to his bitterness at the success of others and wears it like a halo. He think the world owes him.

I have a question specifically for you: Do you think someone that has cleaned toilets, waited tables, been without any kind of insurance more times that can be counted, had to decide whether to put gas in her car or eat many days, and stood on her feet for hours doing other peoples’ hair just to go to college owes you? No fucking way asshole. It’s people like you that make this world less than idylic. It’s because of your demands on those who are productive that will make wealth and prosperity a pipe dream for future generations. When you lose your job, assuming you have one, because of that piece for clueless crap taking the oath of office today, don’t whine to me. Wealth does not get generated from the bottom up as Obambi thinks. Let his administration with the gleeful assistance of Pelosi and Reid levy more taxes on businesses. You will see more businesses firing staff or closing up and more government control of goods and services. Prices will skyrocket, quality will go down the tubes and we’ll all be on Uncle Sam’s Plantation then. That’s our future with socialists like Obama at the helm. Only he and his myrmidons will be protected while the rest of us will be equal—equally poor. But I guess in your eyes that would make the world peachy right? Oh…and for people like me to die horrible deaths. Nice touch and so typical of liberal mentality. Have a nice day.

  1. WallyMyles says:

    This is hilarious. You assume too much. How do you know I’m a liberal? Because I think your blog entries are a bunch of racist tripe? Because I think people like you are miserable and make this world a miserable place to be? For all you know I could be a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. For all you know, I could be a conservative veteran. For all you know I could be a senior adult who proudly voted for John McCain and wished he had won the election.

    Don’t assume that just because someone doesn’t fall all over themselves with praise and admiration for your stupidity that automatically makes them a liberal. I happen to be a conservative Republican who is both saddened and sickened that people like you have become the visage of the Republican party. It’s no wonder we can’t win an election with hatemongers like you being the ones who get TV spots and radio airtime and whatnot.

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