Tacky, classless, more change we can believe in

Posted: January 21, 2009 in liberals

Not only are Obama supporters among the dumbest of the voting public ever, they now take common decency to a new low. What can anyone expect of these losers because that is truly what they are. Remember what Clinton’s staffers did to the White House before they vacated? I weep for this country now that this rabble is in control. What are we going to be now…Zimbabwe? Nigeria? Any number of third world shit holes lead by a dictator with a destitute population will do. Well assholes, your man is sworn in so let’s just see what His Holiness will do. Don’t think his race is going to give him any protection from criticism. I’ll remind you that for eight years I’ve read and seen the most vile things said and done to GWB, culminating with this shameless behavior at the inauguration, and that stuttering, clueless boob isn’t going to get any better treatment. Matter of fact, I think he’ll give more reason for criticism and outright disgust before he leaves office.
1/20/2009 The Beginning of an Error.


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