Hey jerks, you created this monster, now reap your reward.

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Economy, liberals
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Gosh…seems Dipstick in Chief is going further to control the media. Can’t have any unflattering pics floating around now can we?
Two days in to the fraud’s presidency and we have another crap sandwich courtesy of his adviser Robert Reich. Stimulus money should not go to white males or skilled workers. Where are the howls of discrimination? Unfairness. I hope all you white guilt liberals that put this socialist bigot in office are happy. You can read what he says here. Only go if you haven’t eaten in a while.
Book recommendation for libtards still drinking the Obama koolaid but are perhaps starting to feel a twinge of buyer’s remorse: Welcome to Obamaland by James Delingpole. He’s a Brit who’s seen his country go the way Obummer wants to take the US and he says it didn’t work there and it won’t work here. sparkles Just to prep you for the nightmare to come.
Had to fill up the MINI with gas this evening. It’s over $2 here. Just a few weeks ago it was about $1.50. It’s all Obummer’s fault right?
Keep that change a comin’ folks!


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