The Messiah beginning to show his cards

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Economy, liberals

What an arrogant tool. Media control. Covered that already. Refuses to answer questions. Check. Thumbs nose at Israel. Check.
I didn’t think the Change would be so fast. Wow.
In other news, unemployment rates continue to jump across the country. NC released their numbers. So has Florida. Gottal love that Change. I found out today an acquaintance recently lost her job. They just had a baby back in the fall too. It just gets worse and worse.

Obummer is already proving to be a bigger tool than even I thought. He is going to shut down Gitmo and stop the trials of the islamoturds that are there. Those evil bastards have to be laughing themselves silly. Nothing says I’m a tough guy and won’t put up with your bullshit than letting them just go. Especially in light of the FACT that many that have already been released were later found fighting again. Can we just tell our military no prisoners? Just kill the bastards then and there, problem solved. And in economic news, this taxpayer funded, and I might add government borrowed, boondoggle of Obummer’s is going to not only prevent our economy from recovering but hamstring it for years to come. Nice going.

Obamabots—you were warned. Change is good though right? Just keep telling yourself that and it’ll be alright. Not that McCain would have been much better to be honest. But what’s beautiful about this is we have a true, honest to goodness socialist as POTUS and a libtard controlled Congress. Guess who’s gonna get ALL the blame for the economy, whatever wars flare up, whatever terrorist attacks happen on his watch, all that stuff. Yeah…if you said Obamaturd you are correct. Change IS good.

  1. SallyFairess says:

    Obama isn’t “letting the terrorists go”. The ones who are tried and found guilty, will be punished. The ones who are innocent will be sent back home. Isn’t that what we do in America? We don’t keep innocent people in prison here without a chance of receiving a fair trial or releasing them from prison upon being found innocent.

    Perhaps you should better understand what you’re discussing before posting such nonsense.

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