Posted: January 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I hate social networking sites. MySpace. Ravelry. Now Facebook. I don’t want to be on it. I don’t understand the fervor that follows this stuff. Of course I didn’t want to get on the internet years ago and look at me now. But seriously–this one is the most insipid. Loads of our friends are on the damn thing and you’d think it’s better than sex. That’s all they freaking talk about. Are you on it? Why not? Oh it’s great, you can talk to your friends, share pics, yada yada yada. Well guess what…you can do that anyway. Why do people want their lives to be so transparent to complete strangers? I don’t want people seeing my pics. I don’t want them knowing that much about me. All anyone needs to know they can see here. I like guns. I detest socialists. I think that people who are actually earning money should be able to keep more of it so they can spend it on themselves, their families, whatever charities they’d like, etc. I believe in that same vein that private individuals do a much better job of taking care of problems than the government. I believe we’ve reached a point in this country where the mob does rule. I believe that sucks. I believe that anthropogenic global warming is a scam. And Al Gore is a beyond-the-pale con artist. I could go on but you get the idea. So what is it about things like Facebook? When I was on ArmyOfLosers I sat up till all hours of the morning yakking in chatrooms. This is the same thing pretty much. These things take over your life. I have chores to do, furniture to refinish, painting, exercising, doggies to take care of and so on. Don’t need no stinking social networking site sucking down more of my time. Give it a rest people.


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