Obama approval rating

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Economy, Global Warming, liberals, Terrorism, Uncategorized

I’m willing to bet that his approval ratings won’t get near the media attention that Bush’s did but I did see a small blurb that it’s at 68% according to Gallup. One week in office. That is a historical high but I prefer to call it a hysterical high. Too many koolaid drinkers being asked. Wonder why I never get asked? Another question: is Congress still in single digits? That doesn’t get any media attention either and they control the purse strings.

Seems some folks aren’t too happy about Obamaturd’s move to have taxpayers pay for abortions in foreign countries. Look at the pictures in this article and tell me most of these people didn’t vote for the asshole. I’m willing to bet they did and now they are protesting this policy change. Oh…did I say change?
The PC police have been very active in Eurabia for a long time but this is another example of just how ridiculous they are. OOOOO can’t let someone offend anyone now can we? I’m ADHD (although there is not evidence this is a real disorder anyway) and I wasn’t offended. Could care less. But then again, I’m a conservative and not prone to whining about every perceived slight. Liberals are thin-skinned morons.
Some super sad news in the world of women’s basketball. Kay Yow, a legend in the sport, has lost her battle with breast cancer. She has been battling this for some 20 years. God bless her. She touched so many people both on and off the court. In that respect she will live on and not many of us can say we have that kind of impact on the world.
In other sad news, or maybe it’s not so sad, Auschwitz was liberated 64 years ago today. Keep in mind though that many deny any of this happened. Some are even trying to tie this in with those of us who know global warming is a scam but calling us ‘deniers’. Once again proving emotion for a liberal is the same as logic. The lessons of Nazism are very relevant today. We’ve elected a socialist president who is already moving to use the economy to consolidate power at the federal level. Talks of nationalizing banks, health care, more power to unions. Because of the state of government education there is a whole generation of idiots that believe it’s the governments responsibility to solve all their problems. Once that happens a true dictatorship isn’t too far off. Remember though, and I don’t know who said this—probably Reagan–that a government that is powerful enough to give you everything is powerful enough to take it all away. We’re screwed.


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