Miserable Failure

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Economy, liberals
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Remember how during GWBs presidency you could go on Google and do a search using a phrase like ‘miserable failure’ and the search would return as it’s first hit something about Bush? Well they’ve changed all that so if you did the same thing The Messiah won’t pop up first. More info here. Bastards.

It looks like Obummer’s gonna pay off his friends at ACORN for all their fraud, er help, in getting him elected. Specifically he’s trying to slip in billions of dollars in the ‘aid’ package to go to ACORN. I guess it’s a payoff too for getting us in to this mortgage mess since ACORN was front and center with the subprime loans that got us here. More Change we can believe in.

Time to make the union thugs happy too. Guess Scott Maxwell was right, Obummer is going to keep his campaign promises, at least to the thugs that put him there.

Ok…enough of the barking moonbattery. This story is a hoax. I will say this, being that Obummer is the product of one of the most corrupt political machines ever and has ascended to his position not by any real ability other than ‘he’s a good speaker’, he and his followers may be the source of disinformation to keep conservatives following white rabbits and then to make us look like moonbats. I wouldn’t put it past any of them to resort to using the internet to spread crap which keeps us up in arms while his real goals get pushed through. Calm down people, there’ll be enough real bullshit to deal with from this Congress and administration.
More stuff that’s been making the rounds that’s untrue according to snopes:
The Juval Aviv terrorism story and the Butte, Montana girl shots criminal aliens story. Good grief, is it my imagination or has the rumor mill ramped up this week or what?


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