Oh Gag Me with a Rake

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Economy, liberals, Terrorism

I finally got around to reading the Sunday rag today and honest to God, this is the kind of stuff that just makes normal people lose their supper.
A writer to the opinion page says thus…
A letter-writer in Thursday’s paper took issue with a photo of President Barack Obama published in Wednesday’s edition.
I loved that picture. I showed my husband and am thinking of putting it on our refrigerator. I looked at it again at the end of my day. This is a man who is fighting the hugest dragons our country has seen in decades–economic crisis, terrorists, war in the Middle East, a country torn by partisan politics. Yet he strides along with papers in arm, minus a topcoat in icy weather, and throws a smile to the photo pool. He seems young, vital, enthusiastic, energetic, positive and eager to step into the arena for the next round.
Not news? It’s wonderful. Thank goodness someone caught this. The picture makes me smile, and the symbol gives me heart.

What a load of crap. As I seem to remember, GWB inherited a recession from Clinton. There was also that pesky littler terrorism issue, wars in the Middle East, and a country that was just as divided politically then as it is now–at least among politicians. Democrats share the bulk of the blame for this housing collapse which has lead to the exacerbation of the economic collapse. Democrats going back to that fool Carter share the bulk of the blame for the problems associated with the explosion of Islamic terror we face now.
Why are liberals so myopic? Do you people have any functioning long term memory AND central nervous system? You all are so full of patriotism now but you couldn’t rise up and show some of the same support eight years ago–you know what I mean–come together for the good of the country? You idiots are still whining about Bush ‘stealing’ the election in 2000. Complete fucking morons. If procreation required more than a single firing synapse you reprobates would have died out long ago.

Sure Obummer looks all athletic and studly now. Most presidents come in to office looking happy and having darker hair. All are worn out by the time their term is up.
I’ll keep saying this tho…I’m so fucking glad Obummer is our president. This is going to be a fucking delicious four year debacle. I just hope we survive with at least the clothes on our back because with this spineless grinning boob at the helm, I don’t have much hope–but that’s Change we can believe in right?grinning-obummer

  1. Another bitter Republican who has already wrote the Obama legacy in less than two weeks. Bitter at all?

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