Uh oh…more bad news for Globull Wormists

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Global Warming
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This is almost getting funny. The more courageous people that speak out, which is what they are, the more the warmists are going to have to step up and justify their ridiculous position. Which is great because Al Bore has never debated the issue with anyone. He completely refuses to debate. Because he knows his position is insupportable and he’ll look like the idiot and snake oil salesman he is. God bless the Czech President for his stand. And before any of you retard liberals jump on me about this guy being a politician, remember Owl Bore is a politician too. And don’t give me any crap about his Nobel Prize. That piece of shit stopped being relevant when they gave it to Arafat and Carter.
I especially like this passage about him ripped from Wikipedia:
In addition he says “Environmentalism should belong in the social sciences” along with other “isms” such as communism, feminism, and liberalism. Klaus said that “environmentalism is a religion” and, in an answer to the questions of the U.S. Congressmen, a “modern counterpart of communism” that seeks to change peoples’ habits and economic systems.[28]

In a June 2007 Financial Times article, Klaus called ambitious environmentalism “the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity”, hinted that parts of the present political and scientific debate on the environment are suppressing freedom and democracy, and asked for readers opposing the term “scientific consensus”, saying that “it is always achieved only by a loud minority, never by a silent majority”.[30] In an online Q&A session following the article he wrote “Environmentalism, not preservation of nature (and of environment), is a leftist ideology… Environmentalism is indeed a vehicle for bringing us socialist government at the global level. Again, my life in communism makes me oversensitive in this respect.”

He’s dead on balls accurate in his assessment. But the biggest proof that he’s right can be found in this statement:
At a September 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Klaus spoke of his disbelief in global warming, calling for a second IPCC to be set up to produce competing reports, and for countries to be left alone to set their priorities and prepare their own plans for the problem. This appearace is viewed as having been instrumental in the Czech Republic’s failing to secure a place on the UN’s Security Council.

You see…if you don’t tow the official line, you will be punished. The UN is a useless organization that sucks the life out of democracies and rewards socialists and tin hat dictators. Get us out now!


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