So, you think the UN is a great organization?

Posted: February 5, 2009 in liberals

Do you have kids? Do you want some international government raising them? If you don’t let your congressmen know how you feel about the UN’s treaty about the ‘rights of a child’ that’s exactly what is going to happen. Read the document here and the article here. This is truly scary stuff. BTW…the US already spends more for education than national defense.

The only thing that defeated this insipid crap from already being forced on us was the GOP controlled Congress. Notice Madeleine NotSoBright signed off on it in the mid-90s but it was never ratified by the Senate. With the current makeup of Congress and a Socialist bootlicker in the WH, do you doubt that this won’t come up and have a darn good chance of passing? Make your voice known or be prepared for the consequences.


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