President Dork

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Economy, liberals

First he tried to go through a window, now he apparently doesn’t know how tall he is. What a dork. Gosh, you’d think someone as athletic as the media swooning would have us believe would be more body conscious. I do this sort of thing all the time but I’m not athletic. At.all. At least when Bush did that goofy thing in Japan it was a door.
You all did realize that with this so-called stimulus package the tab comes out to something like $300,000 in government spending to create one job. More change we can believe in. It took Bush eight years to get to a 1 Trillion deficit, it’s taken Obummer less than a month. Gas prices are going up. When will the media start screaming for Obummer to do something or blaming him for that. Yet more change we can believe in. Oh…his poll numbers have slipped over 10 points in less than a month. Granted it was an historic high but still, you’d think the Tool In Chief could hold on to the enamoration a little bit longer. At least McCain isn’t in the WH. All this crap can be laid squarely at the Dimocrats feet. People keep asking the question how this can even be under consideration when leading economists not on the government payroll are screaming it’ll be a disaster. Again, repeat after me…it’s so the Dumbocraps can play on the desperation and fears of an ignorant public to consolidate their power. It’s perfect. Think back to my earlier analogy of Mr. Potter in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and the panic and greed of the citizens during the banking crisis. But the morons that voted for Obummer, you know the ones that didn’t know Dumbocraps have controlled Congress for 2 years (more than that because of spineless Republicans) and thought Palin was his running mate, are demanding Government to take care of them so it’ll happen. Welcome to Uncle Sam’s Plantation.


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