Consolidation of Power

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Economy, liberals

And the stupids in the GOP are along for the ride. Obummer’s office taking control of the census is probably unConstitutional but I wouldn’t look for dumbass Dumbocraps to notice. In a nutshell this, along with the so-called stimulus, is going to move us closer to the socialist paradise (dictatorship) idiots who voted for that pistol-grip-earred thug in the WH are going to love. Lookeehere…he came to power with more scandals in his wake than any president ever…even Clintoon didn’t have the kind of baggage he has. He has no experience leading anything, nothing on his resume that says he’s done anything but hey….they wanted Change….they believed in Change. I can’t wait for the wailing and gnashing of teeth to begin when jobs continue to evaporate because those that are productive just give up. No jobs…no tax revenues…’s a perfect vehicle to take control of everything. Banks. The media (OK..that’s redundant) but there it is.
So what are we going to do? The stimulus bill includes money for new cars for DC insiders, money for Hollywood, arts programs, efforts to reduce STDs, and boatloads of things that have nothing to do with the economy. There’s also some blurb that indicates health care is going to be rationed. Reread that. Are you a fatty? Do you smoke? Do you engage in a lifestyle that carries known risks? You may be denied healthcare because someone who isn’t any of the above needs services and is somehow viewed more favorably because of it. Take a look at what’s happening with the NHS in the UK for a better idea. And they still have the worst teeth of anyone in the world, at least for a first world country. Shesh. There’s our future. Hope you all are going to like it.


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