Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

You are the head of a university. During an audit evidence of financial mismanagement is discovered. What usually happens is, since it was on your watch, you resign because you should have had been more vigilent of the accounting. Now if you were the one to find a problem and you called in for help that’s different. I understand that you can’t control what others do but if you are doing your job, you’ll find the problem before someone else. If you resign as a result of these problems, you accept responsibility for what happens on your watch and that’s the right thing to do. BUT…what if you’re a female….and black….is it then discrimination? Apparently that’s what this former chancellor of a university in NC is saying now. Without knowing all the details I think she did the right thing by resigning after financial mismanagement was discovered. To now say she was discriminated against is bullshit. But we live in the ‘it wasn’t my fault’ world now so who knows how this will play out.


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