What happens when powers collide

Posted: February 12, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

In the midst of all the open, transparent, yet behind close doors meetings in which Republicans were not allowed all in the spirit of bipartisanship Democraps can muster, it appears something not too savory went on between Pewloosy and Dingy Harry. This is great because you have two power hungry trolls trying to screw each other. If it weren’t so tragic you could almost laugh at the comedy.

Could this be the first salvo in the ramping up of islamoterroism since Obummer took office? Of course, like all the scandals and other problems following in the wake of The One’s ascendancy to the White House, the media lapdogs will just try to blow this off as a minor distraction.

Now for something completely different. Those big fires in Australia that have killed something like 200 people and may be part of an islamoturd fire jihad have yielded a wonderful story of survival. A female koala was found by firefighters and allowed the men to help her. Video here. Followup story here. She’s now in a rehab facility and has a boyfriend. It’s little things like this that keep a small spark alive that some good will come out of this socialist presidency.

  1. MrsFields says:

    What the fuck does a koala surviving brush fires in Australia have to do with Obama, you stupid cunt? Christ on a bike you’re fucking dumb. You’re even dumb from a conservative standpoint.

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